Trimmaster Exercise Bikes

Trimmaster – or Trim Master, as you will sometimes see it written – is the name of a brand that you will find in many places both online and off. As such it is also very difficult to find the source of that name. Even though it is owned by Hebb Fitness Sales there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated website where you can see all the Trimmaster exercise bikes for sale.

So let’s explore that brand a little closer here, to see whether Trimmaster bikes are seriously worth considering.

A Selection of the Best Selling Trimmaster Exercise bikes

What type of exercise bikes do they make?

From our research we actually found it quite tricky to find that many Trimmaster exercise bikes online. It should be noted though that if you are searching for different bikes, you should make sure you look for both ‘Trimmaster’ and ‘Trim Master’ as it will bring up different options and searches.

However from our own searches we managed to find only upright bikes and no recumbent ones. There doesn’t seem to be a very large range either, but the ones they do have are well made and solid, and if you search you will find a lot of information on them.

Why should you choose a Trimmaster exercise bike?

This brand of exercise bike is really intended for the upper levels of the beginners range. If you think of going from beginners and into the more advanced levels of exercise bike, you will see that this is where the Trimmaster range fits in.

They are very sleek and well designed though, so if you want something that isn’t going to stand out (ideal for the corner of the bedroom perhaps) then Trimmaster might well fit the bill. But of course it isn’t all about looks; it is also about what you actually get.

They also have a great range of features for what is usually a very reasonable price. Most exercise bikes have the basics such as distance, time and speed, but you will generally get much more than that from a Trimmaster exercise bike. And as you would expect when you find more than one model, there will be differences between them. Even though they have a smaller range than some other manufacturers, this can be a boon if you don’t want to have too many choices to make!

What kind of pricing would you be looking at?

We scoured quite a few websites comparing prices on the few Trimmaster exercise bikes we found, and the prices actually didn’t vary too much. You are basically looking at something between £300 and £400 for one of their bikes, although of course this shouldn’t be taken as read. Prices can vary depending on the model and the website you are buying it from.

What kind of information is available on their website?

The actual website for Trimmaster products is When you arrive on the main page you might think that there is very little on the site to actually be of interest, but if you click on ‘about’ you will see the option for bikes come up.

The page given to each bike is quite straightforward and well thought out. You don’t need to click through to any other section at all. You will be met by a nice sized picture of the bike for starters, and then you will see the specifications for that bike underneath it. There is another smaller picture of the panel for that particular bike as well, so have a look at that too. It isn’t a close up but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

The information is really the bare bones, but it does give you enough to think about before searching for a supplier of the exercise bike you are interested in. The bullet point form actually gives you more information than you might think is there at first glance as well.

In conclusion

You have probably figured out by now that if you are looking for a wide range of different exercise bikes by the same manufacturer, you won’t get that with Trimmaster.

With that said though, what they do have fits neatly into a niche in the market, so if you fit into that niche too then you will find their offerings well worth a look. Advanced beginners in the market will find what they need here, so if you are looking for perhaps your second bike, you might realise that a Trimmaster is just what you need.